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May 2016 Message
by Margrett Hall

On May 19th, the UEA-Retired Board met. We discussed various items about the importance of the up and coming elections: national, state, and school board.  How we can encourage everyone to get involved. 

One of the things we discussed was the annual fall UEA Convention and what our retired and soon to be retired educators would enjoy learning more about.  In the past, we have discussed Social Security retirement information and the bogus arguments about entitlements. Health care programs after retirement, supplemental insurance, and Medicare part D. Furthermore, we presented information on certain programs and people who try to scam retirees. How to protect you from them. We still wish to keep all us ahead of anything new or added to Social Security, Retirement programs, and benefits etc. Plus, protect us from all scams.

One of the ideas presented to us was to get more retired teachers to join us next January, February, and March as Educators on the Hill. Who would be better to discuss the needs of students, teachers, and education but retired educators? You have been there, you understand, and can present those needs to the politicians on the hill honestly and completely.  Education definitely needs YOU and your talent to persuade. 

The most important source for what you want to learn about is YOU! So we invite you to respond as to what you need or want to learn at the 2016 UEA Convention in October. Please contact the UEA-Retired Board by email or written correspondence to Bruce Ingleby at the UEA offices.

Ask to join the UEA-Retired group on Facebook. 

February 2016 Message:
by Keith Tondro

“UEA-Retired Educator on the Hill”  Feb 10, 2016

My experience began at a 7 am briefing, bringing our attention to the many issues on the hill.  We were able to attend the Education Appropriations Committee meeting.  Where most presentations were sale pitches for programs that venders wanted the State to purchase or continue funding.  I found the absences of a representative from the State Board of Education promoting what the state needs in education troubling.  There was also an absent of teacher input on many programs impact in the classroom. This meeting drove home the importance of teachers contacting legislators about education; otherwise they mostly receive a vendor‘s or administration’s bias view.  Most discussion from the legislators was concerned with how cheap and how many students, not was it needed by teachers and students.

What to do when attending “UEA-Retired Educator on the Hill”.
  • Listen to the briefing of what is happening on the Hill.
  • Be ready to tell your story of your needs and success in the classroom.
  • Visit the desks setup outside the Senate and Representatives chambers.
  • Note: Senators generally do not come out to talk, so a thank you card and a note of concern – keep to one point.
  • Fill in form, provided at the desk, to talk with your representative and write what you want to mention, when they come out.
  • Give a thank you for their service.
  • Give a brief 1 minute explanation of your concern or talking point.
  • Present them with something to read or card of thanks.
  • Thank them for listening.
  • Take a few minutes to observe in the gallery what the legislators do during the session.
  • Attend the debriefing of what your experience with the legislator was.
  • When home, 
  • visit  and
  • sites and send comments on what they are working on.  Keep the dialogue going with your Representative and Senator.
  • We will make a difference; our voice is not heard unless we speak up.
  • Attend the next “UEA-Retired Educator on the Hill” event, February 25th 2016; 7 am to 2 pm meet in the Seagull Room in the Senate Building.  You are needed.

November 2015 Message:
by Kevin Ball

UEA-Retired Elections

The complete Board of Utah Education Association-Retired is up for election. There are 11 positions for Board members, along with the president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer positions to be filled. Applications are available here and are due by January 14, 2016. This election will create staggered terms for six candidates of the Boards. The top six garnering the most votes will serve a two year term. The remaining five candidates will serve a one year term and will be eligible to run for two more two year terms. This was designed to make it that only half the Board is up for election every two years.

October 2015 Message:

Here is some of the information from one of the presentations during the our meeting at the UEA Convention.

Click Here

August 2015 Message:
By Trudy Henderson

Coming soon: UEA-R's own Facebook group page! Stay informed, post comments, connect with other Utah retired teachers. The page will be administered by Lynnette Grow, former state NEA director.

May 2015 Message:
By Elizabeth Carlin

Although teachers are not among the most politically active group of citizens, our pay, working environment and retirement are all determined by political entities beginning at the State level with the Utah State Legislature, State School Board and local school boards. This past year the UEA-R was active with the UEA Educator on the Hill event, which took place on Fridays during the session. We noticed that the education committee meetings were no longer taking place on Fridays, but on Tuesday and Thursday. Our UEA-Retired Board has decided to ask former teachers to join us on Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 and Thursday Feb 25, 2016 for the Educator on the Hill Retired event.  In that way the state legislators will be able to speak with people who have had classroom experience before and during the time that they make decisions that will affect schools and teachers.  Please plan on helping with this necessary task.
During the UEA Convention, UEA-Retired will be holding our annual meeting on Friday Oct, 16, 2015 at 1 p.m. We will be able give to additional details then.