Bargaining Summits

About UEA Statewide Bargaining Summit Training: 

Most UEA members understand their association membership gives them a voice in bargaining for salaries, benefits and working conditions within their school district. What they may not understand is how bargaining negotiations work. Even those participating on bargaining teams may not know all the ins and outs of district negotiations. The UEA conducts statewide and regional bargaining training to assist.

2022 UEA Statewide Bargaining Summit for Negotiations Teams

The 2022 UEA Bargaining Summit was held on Saturday, November 5, 2022, at the Jordan Auxiliary Building, West Jordan. The Summit was held as a hybrid event, with all breakout sessions presented in-person and virtual. Breakouts were offered in two blocks, with presenters offering their sessions in person during one block and via Zoom during the other block. See the Bargaining Summit Agenda.

Bargaining Summit Breakout Presentations  and Handouts

Keynote Speech: Bargaining Works Together for the Benefit of Everyone!  UEA President Renée Pinkney, UEA President and Jennifer Boehme, UEA Executive Director

Preparation for Negotiations: Bargaining is a year-round activity, so what does preparation to negotiate mean? Are surveys an outdated idea? How do we know what are our members’ priorities? Presented by Emilee Liddiard, Tooele Education Association, and Elinda Nedreberg, Tintic Education Association.

How to Grow Membership Through Bargaining: If bargaining impacts everything, how does it impact the ability to grow membership?  How can you leverage your bargaining activities to grow membership? Presented by Ginger Nielson, Logan Education Association, and Julie Beane, Canyons Education Association.

Putting the ‘Fun’ in District ‘Fun’ancials: Dive into district budgets, including the different funds, revenues sources and property taxes. Presented by UEA UniServ Coordinator and Research. Presented by UEA UniServ Coordinator and Research Director Jay Blain.

Ensuring Good Insurnace Benefits HSA, QHDP, COB, EOB, ACA, etc. The insurance world is full of acronyms and more things that can be confusing. Are you getting the best bang for your buck? Are there better ways to handle salary and insurance tradeoffs or just different ways to do it? Presented by Derek Smith, Alpine Education Association, and Cynthia Blankenship, NEA.

The Bargaining Summit was worth three re-licensure points, which the UEA staff will input into MIDAS for all who attendees that qualify.

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