Delta Technical Center Teacher Named 2023 Utah Teacher of the Year

Chad Warnick

Tracy Warenski

Teresa Hislop

Netanya Elise Maxwell

Elizabeth Sampson

The Utah State Board of Education named Chad Warnick, a Millard Education Association member and agriculture, biology, leadership, and communications teacher at Delta Technical Center in the Millard School District, as 2023 Utah Teacher of the Year.

Warnick was presented with a check for $10,000 and will compete with his state fellow teachers of the year in a national competition. He will participate in a number of state and national leadership opportunities.

Nebo Education Association member and East Meadows Elementary School (Nebo School District) second grade teacher Tracy Warenski and Ogden Preparatory Academy charter school eighth grade science teacher Teresa Hislop were named runners up and each received $4,000. Other finalists for the award were Netanya Elise Maxwell, a Salt Lake Education Association member and third-grade teacher at Bonneville Elementary in the Salt Lake City School District, and Elizabeth Sampson, a Duchesne Education Association member and visual art teacher at Union High School in the Duchesne County School District.

A committee with representatives from the Utah Education Association, parents, charter schools and the Utah State Board of Education selected Warnick from among local teachers of the year for the honor.

“Mr. Warnick is the kind of teacher that students will be talking about for years to come,” wrote Landmark High School agricultural educator Monica D. Giffing. “He is not only committed to educating students on the subjects he teaches but he engrains life skills into their lives that they will use forever. His rapport with his students is unmatched, they too enjoy working, learning and playing alongside him.”

“Mr. Warnick not only directs students on a path to a successful career, but more importantly, he guides each student to have a belief in themselves that they can succeed in life,” wrote Delta Technical Center Principal Brett Callister.

“Ten years after graduation, I continue to rely on Mr. Warnick for advice and guidance and I know there are many other former students to do the same,” wrote former student and now chief executive officer and chief financial officer of Ewell Education Services Alyssa Ewell. “The relationships that he builds in the classroom extend far beyond high school and he often continues to mentor students throughout college.

Warnick succeeds 2022 Utah Teacher of the Year and Weber Education Association member Mark Berrett Daniels, a theatre teacher at Pleasant View’s Weber High School.