Bianca Mittendorf Receives 2022 UEA Award for Human and Civil Rights

The 2022 Robert “Archie” Archuleta Human and Civil Rights Award was presented to Davis School District educator Bianca Mittendorf. This award is presented to an individual who has engaged in human and civil rights activities that have benefited education and had community-wide impact. The award was presented at the UEA/KeyBank Superstars in Education Banquet in June 2022. UEA Board member Denise Lake presented the award and made the following comments:

“John Lewis said, ‘Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined person to make a difference in our society.’

“Bianca is a person who is committed and determined to make a difference for human and civil rights in Utah. She served as a member of the UEA’s Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee representing the Davis Education Association, where she brought to the discussion the wrongs she had witnessed happening where she taught. She became active in Davis Education Association by bringing training and awareness to the Board of Directors for DEA. She asked for a seat at the table.

“While working with EMAC and DEA, Bianca could no longer sit idly by and let the injustices that were happening continue. She became a member of the Envision UEA task force and an Advanced UEA Policy Ambassador. She made a difference for teachers and students at the Capitol by reaching out and talking to legislators about sharing her experiences.

“When the opportunity presented itself, she took a role as the Title IX Coordinator for the Davis School District. Bianca provided the employees and students with a safe place to report sexual harassment complaints within the Davis School District. She allowed herself a seat at the table and had conversations with district personnel. These talks allowed her to facilitate equity training with DEA board members and training within the district as well.

“Bianca was instrumental in setting up the Future Leaders of Color (FLOC) within the district, creating pathways to leadership for educators of color within Davis School District. Bianca was also instrumental in organizing and hosting the NAACP Education Town Hall, a forum including community members and district superintendents from Weber, Ogden and Davis School Districts.

“Bianca is a member of the National Alliance of Black School Educators and is working hard with local educators to re-establish the Utah Chapter.

“Bianca has recently accepted a position on the UEA staff as Equity and Membership Director. She begins this assignment in July 2022, giving her an opportunity to expand her positive impact on human and civil rights in Utah.

“Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined person to make difference in our society, but we can recognize the hard work they are doing.

“It is my honor to present the 2022 Robert ‘Archie’ Archuleta Award for Human and Civil Rights to Bianca Mittendorf.”

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