Bartels steps down as UEA Executive Director

UEA Executive Director Brad Bartels resigned as the UEA executive director effective December 31, 2021. Bartels served in the position for two years.

“Brad brought a wealth of experience to us and made valuable contributions to our work throughout his time in Utah,” said UEA President Heidi Matthews. “We express heartfelt gratitude to Brad for his work these past two years and best wishes in his future endeavors.”

The UEA Board of Directors approved the appointments of UEA Director of Research Jay Blain and UEA Executive Assistant Heather Shepherd as co-interim deputy executive directors to ensure the continuation of the mission and priorities of the Association. The UEA Board will work closely with the National Education Association in establishing a process for hiring a new executive director.

Bartels was previously executive director of the Colorado Education Association (CEA). He succeeded Lisa Nentl-Bloom who served as the Association’s executive director from September 2014 to August 2018.