Around 90 participants during Feb. 3 Educator Day on the Hill

February 3’s Educator Day on the Hill Day was filled with around 90 educators attending! UEA Policy Ambassadors and Advanced Policy Ambassadors met on Thursday evening for a legislative preview meeting.

Friday morning, the group met for a morning briefing with the UEA lobby team and attended the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee meeting to hear requests for education funding. They also watched proceedings on the floor of the House and Senate and met with their individual representative and senator.

Finally, they gathered again for lunch to debrief the morning and talk with Rep Dunnigan, Rep Judkins and Senator Kwan. You can read more about the Policy Ambassadors’ experiences here.

In addition to the policy ambassadors, there were several educators from Tooele, Granite, Davis, and Alpine who participated in the EDOH activities. They met with several legislators and shared their stories.

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