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Lara Slade, Wasatch UniServ

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Lara was elected to a three year term on the UEA Board of Directors to represent the Wasatch UniServ on the UEA Board of Directors beginning July 2018. The Wasatch UniServ covers Murray, Salt Lake and Tooele School Districts.


  • Spanish Teacher at Riverview Junior High in Murray City School District
  • 28 years teaching experience.

Association Leadership Experience

  • Building Representative
  • On multiple district committees including negotiations
  • MEA Executive Board
  • UEA BPR&R Committee


What I learned about the UEA that surprised me:

I didn't realize how much the locals and UEA interact and rely on one another. Also, I didn't realize how much time and effort goes into affecting education policy in the political arena.

What I value most about the Association:

We can always work through any issue. The strength we have when we work together is amazing.

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

Go to your local building meeting. Ask your AR or call y our local president and ask how you can help. Start with something simple that you're comfortable with and go forward from there.

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