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Hank Postma, President of the Council of Local Presidents

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Hank was elected as president to the Council of Local Presidents and will serve as a non-voting member on the UEA Board of Directors.


  • Grand County School District
    • Assignments-Short: Digital Media, IT, and Engineering
    • Assignments-Long: 3D Animation; 3D Graphics, CAD Architectural Design 1,2,3; CAD Mechanical Design 1,2,3; Digital Media 1A & 1B; Engineering Principles 1; Engineering Technology; Robotics 1 & 2; Video Production 1 & 2; Web Development A & B
    • 10 years of experience - I have taught vocational education for 10 years in a variety of places. From Boise, ID to Oakland, CA and finally ending up in Grand County, UT.
    • Association Experience:
      • High Desert UniServ - Geographically, High Desert UniServ is the largest in the country. It serves rural locals in central and southeast Utah. We work together in finding solutions to our wide variety of issues.
      • President, Grand Education Association


    What I value most about the Association:

    I have always believed that teachers have the responsibility to look out fro each other. Often I will say that if you know that another teacher is struggling, and you have the ability to help them, you have the moral responsibility to help them.

    How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

    Little steps. Involvement does not have to be a major undertaking. Look for small opportunities to get involved. That way you are building your understanding and abilities in the Association. If you treat your involvement like a gym membership, not a vending machine, you get so much more out of it.

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