Utah Education Association

UEA’s Mission Statement & Strategic Goals

Mission Statement 

The UEA’s mission is to advance the cause of public education in partnership with others: strengthen the teaching profession, promote quality schools for Utah’s children and advocate the well-being of members.

Strategic Goals 

GOAL 1: Advance the well-being of members
GOAL 2: Elevate the teaching profession
GOAL 3: Engage in meaningful partnerships that promote quality public education
GOAL 4: Build organizational capacity

The Association has developed desired outcomes and measures, as well as timeframes for achieving these goals.

Background and Philosophy 

Focus on Outcomes

These strategic goals describe the desired future for the UEA and outline the necessary incremental steps to reach that future.

Flexible Framework

The goals will provide a flexible framework for activities at the state, local and UniServ levels and will strengthen our collective efforts.

Full Integration

These goals are intended to be fully integrated, meaning that each outcome influences every other outcome.