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Ten Great Reasons

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  1. Advocacy and Representation
    We are a highly-respected organization that promotes the highest standards and ethics. We recognize that educators’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions — we work hard to protect both. At times, there are situations that demand help from professional representatives, whether it is engaging in contract negotiations with districts; problems that impact an educator’s career; or assembling an education coalition to work with legislative committees, the State Board of Education, or local school boards. Whenever decisions are being made that affect school employees, students and public education, the professional advocates from the Association are there representing members’ views.

  2. Professional Development
    Members have access to a wide variety of professional development training opportunities including: classroom management, Praxis preparation, advocacy, collective bargaining, classroom discipline, political action, human and civil rights, the opportunity to earn licensure points and more.

  3. Your Lifeline
    The educator’s best source of accurate, timely information is the Association. We are on top of all current laws, regulations and policies impacting public education. Between the UEA’s website ( and Association publications, you will get an in-depth focus on current issues and late-breaking news on the education front.

  4. Legal Services for Your Professional Life
    Our Association provides comprehensive legal assistance for a wide range of employment matters such as: performance evaluations; discipline; nonrenewals; lay-offs and dismissals and daily problems among faculty and staff or with the administration. This job protection is backed by professional liability insurance, paid for with your NEA dues.

  5. Your Voice
    Educators must take an active role in promoting and protecting public education because no one cares as much about our students, our profession or our needs as we do. We speak as a unified voice to influence reform and progress.

  6. Your Classroom, the State and the Nation
    The Association continually promotes quality public schools, quality teachers, modern and up-to-date learning tools and smaller class sizes so educators can spend one-on-one time with students.

  7. Discounts
    Your membership entitles you to discounts on products and services like auto, homeowners, renters and life insurance. In addition, we provide reductions for entertainment events, computers, books, magazines, travel and restaurants in Utah and throughout the nation. Many UEA members save more than their annual dues by utilizing Association discounts.

  8. Networking
    Members have numerous opportunities to get together and network. You can connect with other education professionals from across the state who may be dealing with the same issues you are.

  9. Relationships
    We reach the public with members’ views and build the image of public school employees through media relations, television and radio advertising, special events and other public relations activities.

  10. Professional Association
    We are educators, united to make a positive difference in education and to support each other. These ideals are what the Association is all about!