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Association Leadership Training

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The UEA Seeks the Best and the Brightest to Lead the Association

Building the capacity of the Association by engaging members to be involved is a priority for the UEA. We strive to identify and invest in new, emerging leaders by providing training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in the organization.

All members are encouraged to become actively involved in the work of the organization and to share their unique skills. 

UEA Leadership Training Opportunities

The Association offers many leadership training opportunities that are open to all members. A full curriculum of leadership training is in the development stage. Following are the primary leader training courses:

Annual Summer Leadership Academy

The UEA works with local associations to involve emerging leaders in the annual Summer Leadership Academy typically held in June.  Locals are asked to include ethnic members to join their leadership team—especially those who attended the NEA Western Regional Leadership Conference. Members interested in being selected to participate in this training should contact their local president.

NEA Minority Leadership Training Conference

The NEA holds a two-day leadership development conference in conjunction with the NEA Western Region Leadership Conference annually and is typically held in January.  The UEA selects a six-member team to attend the NEA Minority Leadership Training Program (NEA MLTP) for a two year cycle.  These members are asked to continue their participation in Association events, training, and activities and they are expected to become involved in leadership roles at their local, UniServ, or state level. Members interested in being selected to participate in this training should contact their local president.

Utah NAME-Educators for Diversity Conference

The UEA is an annual co-sponsor of the Utah-National Association for Multi-Cultural Education Conference (Utah-NAME.  The UEA helps arrange for speakers and makes a financial contribution to support the conference.  Members may apply for a UEA NAME Scholarship to attend the conference that will pay up to $100 of approved expenses.