USBE cancels RISE test vendor contract


As most teachers are well aware, there have been numerous technical problems administering the RISE statewide test this spring. On June 6, the Utah State Board of Education voted to end the contract with Questar, the vendor that provides the technological platform for RISE. For 2019-20, the Board plans to secure a short-term contract to provide testing while pursuing options for a long-term provider.

RISE test questions were developed by Utah educators and continue to be valid and reliable, even though the testing platform has had problems. So, it is anticipated the content of the RISE test will remain consistent next year even though the technology platform vendor will change.

USBE has again committed to a careful review of 2019 RISE assessment data before determining whether the data can be used for accountability purposes. As part of the review process, USBE staff will work with numerous entities, including the USBE Assessment and Accountability Policy Advisory Committee (AAPAC). Sara Jones represents UEA on AAPAC. UEA staff will also meet with USBE staff and leaders as necessary.

The UEA’s priority continues to be to ensure educators and schools are not held accountable for invalid, inaccurate or unreliable test data.

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