UEA 'Take Charge!' events engage new teachers


Series of events designed to engage and encourage new teachers

Recent studies show young new teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate. To encourage those teachers and help them feel engaged and connected, the UEA is sponsoring a series of events titled ‘Take Charge!, specifically targeting educators in their first years of teaching.

The first event was held Dec. 14, 2016, at Mestizo Coffee House in Salt Lake City and featured a group of panelists discussing education policies that affect classrooms. Events are broadcast live on social media or held in person.

Other topics and locations to date have included:

  • “Social justice in the classroom,” held Jan. 18 at Lincoln Elementary in Salt Lake City;
  • “The legislative process and becoming an advocate,” held Feb. 22 online only; and
  • “Lead with a purpose: What we love about teaching,” a social media campaign highlighting why this is the best profession, held Mar. 22-29 through the Facebook Group page.
  • The next scheduled event, “Classroom Management and Strategies,” will be held May 9th, online only. 

“The ‘Take Charge!’ events allow those who participate in-person to collaborate with peers in a relaxed social setting,” said project coordinator William Spiegel. “And all participants, whether online or in-person, earn re-licensure points and learn ways to build personal power and social justice consciousness. We also just have fun together while improving practice.”

Find out future dates and locations by joining the ‘Take Charge!’ Facebook group at

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