UEA-Retired Forms, Elects Leaders


UEA-Retired Forms, Elects Leaders

It’s official! The Utah Education Association-Retired held its first meeting Oct. 21 in conjunction with the UEA Convention. Those in attendance elected officers and approved organization documents.

Creation of the UEA-Retired organization began as a recommendation from the UEA Transformation process. A steering committee was formed to investigate the possibility of creating a retired group. That committee met for several months and developed a proposed Constitution and By-laws. Those documents were adopted at the Oct. 21 meeting.

Meeting attendees elected the following interim officers:

  • Dave VanLagenveld, interim President

  • Jesse DeHay, Vice-President, and

  • Arlene Arnold, Secretary/Treasurer.

The approved UEA-Retired documents also allow for a 10-member Board of Directors. The following six individuals were elected to these positions: Bill Worner, Paul Fawson, Loreen Major, Maggie Carly, Elizabeth Carlin and Mike Vaughan. An additional four Board members will be elected at a later date.

The newly elected officers and Board members will be meeting to continue to refine and define functions for the new organization. With the Utah State Legislative Session rapidly approaching, plans will be made as to how the retired members can best assist during that time.

“Help us grow. Volunteer to help.” Arnold urged retired educators. “Let’s make UEA-Retired a force to be reckoned with!”

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