Should the State Superintendent have education experience?


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Martell Menlove,
retired as State
in August

Speaker Becky
Lockhart, applied for
State Superintendent

The Utah State Board of Education is currently seeking a State Superintendent of Schools to replace Superintendent Martell Menlove who recently retired. They are expected to announce their final selection on Oct. 3.

Some, including a few members of the State Board, have downplayed the role of education experience in this position, suggesting the superintendent should be a business leader or even a legislator. House Speaker Becky Lockhart recently announced that she has applied for the position.

The State Superintendent plays a critical role in establishing rules and carrying out laws and policies established by the Legislature and the Board of Education…rules and policies that directly impact teachers and students.

UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh sent a letter to members of the State Board encouraging them to select a candidate “who understands the complex intricacies of public education policy, knows what it is like in a classroom, and can garner the respect of those they will be directing.” The UEA called on the Board to seek a Superintendent who possesses the following minimum qualifications:
  • Relevant public school classroom experience including knowledge of public school curriculum, education policy, research and best practices
  • Relevant public school administrative experience, including knowledge of education finance, school budgets, human resources, employee contracts and education law
  • Advanced degree in education
  • Proven record of collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • Ability to be the superintendent to superintendents
Please contact your State Board of Education member and urge them to select a State Superintendent with public school classroom experience. (To find which Board district you live in, go to this interactive map and click “State Board of Education”.)

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