PACs Recommend Candidates


Because of the important role elected officials play in public education, the UEA and each local UniServ has a Political Action Committee comprised of local educator members. One role of these committees is to recommend political candidates they believe are most likely to be supportive of public education issues.

In the upcoming primary elections to be held Tuesday, June 26, local PACs are recommending the following candidates (followed by recommending UniServ in bold):

  • State Auditor: Auston Johnson

  • Senate District 8: Ty McCartney (D), Jordan

  • Senate District 24: Ralph Okerlund (R), High Desert

  • Senate District 28: Evan Vickers (R), Color Country

  • House District 4: Edward Redd (R), Northern

  • House District 6: Jake Anderegg

  • House District 16: Steve Handy (R), Davis

  • House District 18: (co-endorsement) Richard Bagley (D) / Doug MacDonald (D), Davis

  • House District 27: Mike Kennedy (through primary)

  • House District 29: Lee Perry (R), Northern / Ogden-Weber

  • House District 33: (neutral) Neal Hendrickson (D) / Liz Muniz (D), Granite

  • House District 57: John Stevens (R), Bonneville

  • House District 68: Merrill Nelson (R), Wasatch / High Desert / Color Country (Primary only)

(See a complete list of all recommended candidates)

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In addition, the UEA Political Action Committee (U-PAC) Executive Council met Saturday, May 19, with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke and Republican candidate Gary Herbert. After extensive discussion, the PAC Committee voted 10-3 to recommend Gov. Gary Herbert in the 2012 General Election.

U-PAC is the political arm of the UEA. Since no UEA member dues are used for political parties or candidates, U-PAC allows educators to have a voice in political issues affecting children and public education. U-PAC is directed and run by classroom teacher members from throughout the state. Chaired by the UEA President, the U-PAC Executive Council has bi-partisan representatives from each local UniServ and the UEA Board of Directors.

If you have questions about these recommendations, contact your local U-PAC member or a member of your local PAC.

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