New UEA Director Named


Associate joins UEA State Program Staff

Long-time UEA state associate staff member Jenny Okerlund has joined the
UEA State Program Staff as director of organizing, capacity building and member benefits.

As State Membership Associate for the UEA, Okerlund has been an integral part of UEA membership and organizing for more than a decade. She has served as staff liaison to the UEA Membership and Elections Committees, coordinated publication of the UEA Convention program, assisted in organizing UEA Summer Leadership Academy, managed NEA membership databases, and served as the office proofreader.

Prior to joining the UEA staff in 1998, Okerlund spent a number of years working in the Utah legislature, including time as a director in the Legislative Printing Office and as secretary to the Speaker of the House.

“I’m very excited about the new opportunity to work on behalf of our members,” said Okerlund. “My long-time experience working for the UEA will be extremely beneficial as I move forward in my new position.”

Okerlund’s new responsibilities include directing the Association’s organizing, capacity building and member benefits functions. As part of her duties, she will direct the student and campus outreach program, organize the UEA Summer Leadership Academy and other leader/staff training activities and coordinate member benefit programs through NEA Member Benefits, Access Development and other providers.

Okerlund began her new role Oct. 24. She replaces Jerry Monson who left the UEA in August. Her departure leaves open the UEA State Membership/Proofreader position. Applications for this position will be accepted through Nov. 9.

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