New director at Eastern Utah UniServ


The Eastern  Utah UniServ has appointed Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind teacher and UEA Board member Bonilynn Henrie as UniServ director. She replaces retiring Vik Arnold who served as director for two years and had previously held positions as UEA director of government relations and Davis UniServ director.

Henrie most recently worked as electives educator at the Jean Massieu School for the Deaf. Her experience includes 26 teaching for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind in early childhood (preschool, first and second), kindergarten and fourth through 12th grades. She also spent two years as a middle school special education teacher in Tacoma, Washington.

Henrie was appointed to the UEA Board of Directors in June 2016 to represent the Eastern Utah UniServ. She served on the Eastern UniServ Board for seven years as a representative for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind before being elected USDBEA vice president, then president for two, two-year terms. Henrie also served as an alternate for Eastern Utah UniServ on both the UEA Board and the Elections Committee for several years.

The Eastern UniServ serves educators in Duchesne, Morgan, North Summit, Park City, South Summit and Uintah School Districts, as well as the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

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