Hurricane Educator receives NEA Foundation grant for professional development program


WASHINGTON, DC (August 9, 2017) — Kelli Moss, a 5th grade educator at Hurricane Elementary School in Hurricane, Utah, has received a $2,000 Learning and Leadership grant from the NEA Foundation. This grant will fund Moss’s professional learning in global competence through a teacher program in India and Nepal.

“I can’t teach what I don’t know, and the best teachers know that they are actually the students in regards to an unquenchable thirst for lifelong learning,” says Moss. “When I develop my understanding of the world around me through authentic experiences, I will be able to share it with my students and colleagues for many years to come.”

In the past year of this program, the NEA Foundation has awarded 113 grants that have reached 3,722 educators and 66,242 students in 33 states. Over 800 educators across the country applied for the grants.

“By directly funding educator-conceived and -led projects, the Foundation enables educators to chart their own course to solve teaching and learning challenges,” said Harriet Sanford, president and CEO of the NEA Foundation.

The NEA Foundation awards two levels of grant funding, $2,000 or $5,000, for two categories of grants to public education professionals: Student Achievement grants for initiatives to improve academic achievement, and Learning and Leadership grants for high-quality educational professional development activities.

A team of 20 educators, many of them former grantees, carefully reviewed all applications and evaluated each one against a set of criteria. Funded educator grants were selected for the quality of the grant proposal ideas and their potential for enhancing student achievement.

Over the past five years, the NEA Foundation has invested more than $2.4 million in teaching grants to support the work of almost 35,000 educators and 512,000 students from almost every state in the country to help students succeed. Each year, the Foundation awards approximately 120 Student Achievement and Learning and Leadership grants.

The NEA Foundation awards its grants to educators three times a year. Grants are available for NEA members only, and the next education grant deadline is October 15, 2017. Application forms and a video with step-by-step instructions on how to apply can be found in the Grants to Educators section of the NEA Foundation website.

About the NEA Foundation

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