Educators Helping Educators Navigate the New Educator Evaluation System


By UEA Director of Education Excellence Sara Jones

UEA members and leaders from across the state volunteered many hours over the summer working to develop resources, support and local plans to help members succeed in the new educator evaluation system. All of this work is part of the UEA Evaluation Organizing Project (EOP), an initiative designed to support teachers in the evaluation process, increase the relevance of the association by highlighting resources that support professionalism and grow membership by taking the lead on a critical education issue.

Beginning in June at the UEA Summer Leadership Academy, local associations came together to learn about the new evaluation framework, including the teaching standards, student growth and student learning objectives, timelines for implementation and much more (see article). The goal was to help local associations identify how to effectively teach members about the new requirements, help members gain a stronger foundation in the teaching standards and how the standards can improve practice, and train local “evaluation experts” to become a resource and source of information for members regarding evaluations.

Teachers in each school district area have been asked to serve as Evaluation Experts. These experts will continue to receive in-depth training throughout the year. The next training is a September 21 workshop on the Utah Effective Teaching Standards. Every district must have an observation tool that is aligned with these standards. Understanding the expectations identified in the standards, how to apply the standards to the classroom to improve practice and how to identify best practices and document lines of evidence that support the standards are all important topics for teachers to understand. As Evaluation Experts receive training they will work with their local leaders and planning teams to implement similar trainings for members.

Another resource that will be launched at the September training is an evaluation “toolkit.” The purpose of the toolkit is to provide teachers with tools to be successful, including:

  • Resources to help members continually assess and improve instructional practice;
  • Identifying professional development supports and needs; and
  • A framework for tracking, collecting and documenting information about the classroom environment and professional practice to demonstrate performance.

Evaluation Experts and local leaders will distribute the toolkit and train members on the standards and how to use the toolkit to support them through the evaluation process.

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