Educator suite provides online options for services


“The Utah Online Licensure system ( has changed a 3-4 week renewal process into, essentially, an instantaneous one,” said Travis Rawlings, educator licensing coordinator for the Utah State Office of Education (USOE). “Educators are now able to renew their license and hold a copy of it in their hands just a few minutes later; requiring only the time necessary to print the document. This portal to all things licensure related (background checks, educator ethics review, student teacher licensing, etc.) is helping teachers take full ownership of their professional licensure.”

Utah teachers no longer need to wait in line or visit a state office to renew their license. Online, they can access a variety of critical services through the USOE. There are over 10 services available online for teachers. In 2007, the USOE launched the Educator Services Suite and since then more than 70,000 teachers have used Utah.Gov/teachers. The website is continually enhanced and updated to provide current information and services. At the site teachers can:

  • Renew a License
  • Take Utah Educator Standards Review
  • Request a Background Check
  • Obtain a Duplicate License
  • Renew an expired license
  • Obtain a Student Teacher/Intern License
  • Complete University Recommendations
  • Upgrade from license level from 1 to 2
  • Update Contact Information

Online access to critical services is great for teachers in state and especially convenient for teachers moving to Utah to teach. The site is easy to navigate and login once secure information is verified.

What once required a trip to the school district and took weeks to process, can now be done conveniently online. Teachers can complete the entire renewal process including recommendations and background checks instantly online and print their renewed certificate directly from their computer rather than waiting weeks for a paper copy to be mailed to them. The Educator License Renewal and the related suite of services dramatically reduce the time and paper work required for license renewal, saving teachers time and money. On average, the online process takes five to six minutes per renewal.

“Licensure is no longer an afterthought for an educator or only a concern for district and state offices. Our audits of the online renewal system have shown that teachers are still acting as professionals by working with their principals to follow all licensure renewal rules. The online process has simply streamlined this process and allowed us to keep Utah license renewal fees low compared to the rest of the nation,” said Rawlings.

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