Early Enrollments Up 52%


Early enrollments for UEA membership are up 52 percent over 2013, according to UEA Director of Organizing, Capacity Building & Member Benefits Jenny Okerlund.

“As of June 19 we have more than 200 new members enrolled through Early Enrollment, up from the 133 early enrollments we received last year,” said Okerlund. Much of the increase can be attributed to the UEA’s increased focus on teaching and learning as part of the Educators Taking the Lead initiative, she said.

National Education Association staffer Jan Rogers says the increase places Utah as one of the top states for early enrollment this year.

The UEA’s Early Enrollment Program allows educators to join the Association starting April 1 for the upcoming year. They have many of the benefits and liability protection of membership, but don’t start paying dues until the upcoming membership year.

Educators can enroll now as an active UEA member by submitting the 2014 Early Enrollment Membership Form (PDF).

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