Coming soon for Utah teachers: Student Learning Objectives


Phase II of the UEA ‘Educators Taking the Lead’ initiative will focus on SLOs

UEA has received a multi-year grant from NEA to support UEA members in implementing student learning objectives (SLOs). SLOs will be required as a measurement of student growth for non-tested subjects and grades when the new statewide evaluation framework is implemented. It is estimated that SLO goals will be required for about 70 percent of all Utah educators.

As part of the $303,000 grant, UEA will participate with seven other state affiliates – Idaho, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming – in an SLO Consortium to receive training and share best practices.

The first SLO Consortium meeting was held April 13-17 in Minneapolis. UEA attendees included UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh, UEA staff Sara Jones and Jay Blain, UniServ Directors Matt Ogle and Hilaree Stephens, Sevier Education Association President Curtis Benjamin, NEA staff Beverly Johnson, Utah State Office of Education staff Kerrie Naylor and Jeannie Rowland, Beaver Superintendent and Utah Rural Schools Association President Ray Terry and Utah School Boards Association President Carolyn White.

The five-day meeting presented information on designing, developing and implementing SLOs as well as time for state teams to work together. The outcome was a one-year timeline for implementing SLOs. The timeline was collaboratively developed and includes activities lead by UEA for members, activities lead by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) for district trainers and activities jointly lead by UEA and USOE for members and district staff.

The first phase of the grant begins in June 2014 at the annual UEA Summer Leadership Academy. UEA will reconvene the 150 local evaluation leads and UniServ teams trained in June 2013, and include up to 50 new local SLO leads for three days of training and networking.

Additional regional and local training throughout 2014-15 will provide more in-depth information, including a train-the-trainer model to prepare SLO leads to train colleagues in their locals and provide support in their buildings, as well as time for UniServ teams to design local implementation plans.

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