Bargaining Summit: Teachers meet to discuss ways to advance profession


More than 100 educators volunteered their time Saturday, Nov. 8, to discuss ways to improve classroom instruction and the teaching profession as part of the 2015 UEA Bargaining Summit. The event was held at the Salt Lake Community College Larry Miller Campus in Sandy.

“The Summit is an opportunity for teacher leaders from across the state to share best practices for working effectively with district administrators and school boards,” said UEA Director of Policy and Research Jay Blain. “In addition to inviting those involved in district negotiations, this year for the first time we also invited teachers who are working to improve classroom instruction as leaders of the UEA’s efforts around student learning objectives and evaluations.”

Participating teachers separated into groups, depending on their role—those on district negotiations teams attended bargaining training, while those serving as evaluation and student learning objective leaders attended sessions focused on teaching improvement. Attendees also divided into rural and urban groups for some sessions to discuss their respective issues and develop possible solutions. Additional training topics included proposal writing, data collection and grievance procedures.

UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh and UEA Executive Director Lisa Nentl-Bloom led a session for all participants on organizing around the issues of bargaining and evaluation.

“Participants left energized, engaged and educated around taking the lead on bargaining and evaluation as they left to return to their locals and districts,” said Blain. This marked the third year UEA has held a Bargaining Summit.

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