At 98, she is still 'part of the action'


If she can do it, so can you...

Although she’s been retired from education longer than most are in their careers, Dorothy Jonas continues to make regular contributions to the Utah Education Association Political Action Committee (U-PAC). “My husband told me, ‘you should always support your association,’ and that’s what I intend to do until I die,” she said.

Jonas’ teaching career began in Jordan School District and ended with her retirement from Salt Lake School District in 1976.

In a letter accompanying her most recent U-PAC contribution (see inset), Jonas wrote “I was 98 years old in January, but I still want to be part of the action…Let’s continue to be heard.”

Jonas is one of hundreds of Utah teachers who contribute to U-PAC.

Those contributions make a huge difference, according to UEA Director of Government Relations Kory Holdaway. “Like it or not, money is an important and influential part of the political process. From funding to working conditions, elected officials make decisions that have very real consequences in the classroom,” he said. “U-PAC contributions allow us to have influence with the people making those decisions.”

U-PAC funds are used to support candidates who would prioritize public school funding, promote quality teaching and learning, and ensure that school employees are valued and respected.

To learn more or to make a U-PAC contribution, visit the U-PAC page.

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