A message to Utah teachers about school dismissal from UEA President Heidi Matthews


“Hard days are the best because that's when champions are made.”
Gabrielle Douglas

Yesterday’s announcement that Utah schools will implement a two-week dismissal period left everyone with questions. Right now, there are more unknowns than knowns. This is uncharted territory for all of us. 

But we are teachers…if anyone knows how to deal with uncertainty, it’s us! I believe we are up to the challenge. I’m so proud of the many educators who have already stepped up and are reaching out with ideas to provide student learning resources, meals and support.

While there is much still to be decided, we do know there will be no disruption in payroll to teachers and other school employees. Other issues, such as accommodations for school employees with school-age children, are still to be determined.

Monday and Tuesday are set aside to work out details. Let’s take this opportunity to coordinate with local administrators to determine how the next two weeks will look. It may be very different in each district, in each school and even in each classroom.

Teachers are the champions…we can do this!

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