2022 UEA Honor Roll Award presented to the Utah PTA

The 2022 UEA Honor Roll Award was presented to the Utah PTA. This award recognizes individuals, businesses or organizations that have made a significant contribution to public education. The award was presented at the UEA/KeyBank Superstars in Education Banquet in June 2022. UEA President Heidi Matthews presented the award and made the following comments:

“First of all, let me say, Happy 125 Years of PTA! Isn’t it amazing that PTA has been around since 1897?!
One hundred and twenty-five years of supporting public education through service to students, schools, families and communities. I can think of no other organization more worthy of the Utah Education Association Honor Roll Award than the Utah Parent Teacher Association, especially in this landmark year of celebration.

“In my role as President of the UEA for the past six years, I have seen first-hand the public and behind the scenes dedication and commitment of the Utah PTA and its leaders. While the PTA leaders may not be the loudest voices in the room, don’t let their quiet demeaner fool you. These leaders are fierce. From press releases directly opposing Legislative efforts to direct public education funds elsewhere, to press conferences, op-eds, public comment in any and all spaces, to organizing and mobilizing FOR funding and AGAINST vouchers, Utah PTA leaders and organization are in every space that we occupy as UEA – sharing our mission of fulfilling the promise of public education for ALL of our students.

“An ally in the 2007 Voucher Referendum, UEA and PTA have shared allegiance for decades. As members of the Utah Public Education Coalition, PTA has hosted, organized and strengthened this coalition as one of the founding organizations bringing stakeholders together for the good of public education.

“This Legislative Session, the Utah PTA supported the grassroots pro-public education group Education ElevatED for a February 12th rally sending love and support for educators. In addition, UEA Partnered with Utah PTA and invited other supporters to a press conference February 18th in the Capitol Rotunda opposing vouchers, with President Stacey Mollinet speaking truth to power!

“PTA joined the SLEA/GEA/PCEA/JEA/CEA Rally again, with PTA President Stacey standing FOR public education, AGAINST vouchers, and supporting educators on February 22.

“And this was just in the 2022 Legislative Session. PTA Legislative Advocacy lead by LeAnn Wood and France Barral are champions in discerning bills, speaking for impacts on students and families, and are integral partners of our UEA throughout the session and the rest of the year.

“The Utah PTA has been supporting public education for over 125 years – both in our classroom, on our Capitol Hill, side by side with our Utah Education Association.

“It’s my honor to present a 2022 UEA Honor Roll Award to The Utah PTA.”

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