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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Testing – “High-Stakes Tests”

Some of the tests your child takes in school might be "high-stakes" tests. These are tests that school districts and schools use to make important decisions that affect your child's future – such as going on to the next grade level or graduating from high school.

High-stakes tests aren’t the only tests schools administer. School districts and schools also use test results to identify children who will receive special services or participate in special programs. Special education services and programs for gifted and talented students are two examples.

You should not be overly concerned if test results are used as one factor in making high-stakes decisions, but you should be very concerned if they are the only factor considered. Your child's report cards, his or her performance on routine classroom tests throughout the school year, and information your child's teacher can provide about his or her performance, also should be taken into account.

Ask about the multiple measures of success being used in your school.