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“Helping Your Child Learn”

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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Testing – Asking Questions

As a parent, you should receive information regularly about your child's performance on tests — the evaluations teachers use routinely in the classroom as well as state-required achievement tests.

Don't hesitate to ask questions like these about the tests your child takes at school:

  1. How does the material my child learns in class relate to what is covered on tests?
  2. In what other ways do the school — and the teachers — measure how well my child is learning?
  3. How much time does my child spend taking tests during the school year?
  4. Does my child's performance on state-required achievement tests match his performance in the classroom? (If an achievement test is not well matched to what your child is being taught at school, he could score poorly on the achievement test while still earning good grades.)
  5. How do the teachers — and the school — use test results?