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“Helping Your Child Learn”

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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Testing – Achievement Tests

Quizzes and exams that teachers routinely use to check on students' learning are the most common — and frequent — tests your child takes in school.

In addition to regular classroom tests, your child will take one or more achievement tests that public schools are required to give each year. These tests, which provide a snapshot of what children know, are used to gauge how well schools educate students.

When your child takes a state-required achievement test, your child's performance is compared with the performance of other students in the school district – and the entire state. Remember that as a parent, you should receive information regularly about your child's performance on tests — the tests teachers use routinely in the classroom as well as state-required achievement tests. Remember, it is the combined information from many sources, not any one test, that will give you the best picture of your child’s academic success.