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“Helping Your Child Learn”

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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Ready To Learn – Giving Feedback

The start of a new school year can be the beginning of a journey toward success when parents, students, and teachers work together. Here are some suggestions for parents who want to help their children learn.

To learn, children must believe that they can learn. As the parent, you are the most important adult in your child's life. The feedback you give them — what you say and do about their abilities — will have a lasting impact on your child's self-confidence. Be encore-aging and praise your child for the
amount of effort put into a project. See setbacks as opportunities to grow. Emphasize that doing their best is what counts.

Be prepared for your next parent-teacher conference. Find out if your child has anything that he or she would like you to discuss. Write down your own list of questions. Ask how your child interacts with other students, or participates in classroom activities. Most importantly, talk to the teachers about ways you can work together to help your child.