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“Helping Your Child Learn”

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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Reading and Writing – Helping Young Readers

Every parent wants his or her child to be a successful reader. Reading, after all, is the foundation for a great education as well as a lifelong skill that brings not only knowledge, but pleasure.

Research on reading – and learning to read – shows there are things that can be done at home from an early age that help children become successful readers. For example:

  • Teaching young children to recognize the letters of the alphabet is a big boost to reading readiness.
  • Reading to children helps them understand about books and printed language.
  • Talking with your child about a book or story helps him develop vocabulary.
  • Reading about familiar topics helps children relate to what is being read to them.
  • Showing the relationship between writing and reading is another way to build reading skills. Have your young child dictate a story to you. You write the words and they can illustrate!

Working on reading skills is time well spent between parents and children.