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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Reading and Writing – Good Writing Takes Practice
By Beverlee A. Simpson, M.Ed., National Board Certified Teacher, language arts teacher at East High School, Salt Lake City

Many parents have questions about how to best help their students with writing assignments.

Students learn to write well by writing, revising, and editing. Remember to give your student the privilege of mastering writing skills and feeling the sense of accomplishment that is the reward of hard work. You can help your child become a stronger writer when you:

  • Ask your student to discuss and explain his or her writing topics with you; this will help your child organize his or her ideas.
  • Ask your student to read his or her writing to you and then give honest and thoughtful feedback.
  • Ask questions about the piece of writing such as: How do you feel about this writing? What part of your writing (beginning, ending, specific sentences or phrases) do you like best/least? If you had all the time you needed, what would you do differently?

Remind your student that good writing takes practice – there are no shortcuts – but the rewards last a lifetime.