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“Helping Your Child Learn”
Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Reading and Writing – Be an Example
By Kathy Christiansen, sixth-grade reading, writing and social studies teacher at Cedar Ridge Middle School, Hyde Park, Utah

Parents can be both a model and teacher when it comes to writing. Parents should let children see them writing notes to friends, letters to businesses, and perhaps even stories to share. Making changes in what is written lets children see that revision is important in the writing process.

When children are writing, parents should talk through their ideas with them; help them discover what they want to say. When they ask for help with spelling, punctuation, grammar, or word usage, supply the help. Always praise children for writing. It is especially important that parents remember to be helpers, not critics.

Rejoice in effort, delight in ideas, and always display your child’s writing. With the right encouragement, children can develop the love and skill of writing.