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“Helping Your Child Learn”

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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Parent–Teacher Partnerships – Partners, Part II

Communities, parents, and teachers make great partners when it comes to helping children learn.

Here are some ways we can all work together to provide a high quality education for all Utah children:

  • Establish and operate a mentoring program for "at risk" students through the involvement of volunteers from community, civic, and religious organizations, local businesses, or the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Check out public libraries, which are strong educational partners. They can sponsor story hours for preschoolers and their parents, special programs that motivate children to read, or specialized evening topics of interest to parents.
  • Ask businesses, PTA's, churches, and civic organizations to provide valuable services for schools. Many are excellent sources for volunteers, and many sponsor evening or after-school tutoring programs for students who need extra help. Some organize drives to collect school supplies for needy students, or raise funds for scholarships.