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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Parent–Teacher Partnerships – Managing The Paper

Looking for a way to manage the mountains of papers and projects your child brings home from school? Here’s a suggestion that may help you unclutter that refrigerator door.

Review the papers your child brings home each night, then place them in a box or drawer until Saturday. On Saturday, have your child choose the ONE paper that makes them most proud of their weekly accomplishments. That paper goes on the fridge for display, while the others are inserted into a large manila envelope.

Have your child decide whom they would like to send their work to as a special gift. Grandma and Grandpa? A cousin who lives far away? Santa Claus?
Address and stamp the envelope, being sure to include a note explaining the honor of receiving this package.

Let your child drop it in the mail.

You keep only one paper a week. Friends and relatives receive a heartfelt gift, and your child will be running to the mailbox looking for those inevitable letters of thanks!