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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Parent-Teacher Partnerships – Contacting a Teacher
By Debra Rossi, M.Ed., sixth-grade teacher at David Gourley Elementary School, Salt Lake City

The best ways to contact a teacher are first, e-mail, then a personal note.

Teachers are in class with students most of the day and an e-mail gives the teacher a moment to pull up the information needed to respond to your concerns while considering an answer. A main benefit of e-mail is that it also remains private. Only for emergencies should a parent interrupt a class with a phone call or a visit.

Although most schools welcome parents, if you have private concerns, please address them in a private manner. It preserves learning time for the entire class. It shows respect for your child’s privacy as well as showing professional courtesy to the teacher.

If you are unable to resolve your concerns using these methods, send an e-mail or note with a choice of reasonable times for the teacher to contact you. Be sure to include the phone number you want the teacher to call. The teacher will call you to set up an appointment or discuss your concerns over the phone. By handling delicate matters in a private way you help preserve your student’s confidential information.