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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Math & Science – Studying Math And Working In Groups

When studying mathematics, does your child work in pairs and groups?

Research shows that students working together enhances learning. Working together provides time for students to talk about the math they understand and the math they don't understand. This also provides more opportunities for more students to talk and allows the teachers to hear more students' thoughts and ideas.

In addition to group work, many different materials seem to be used in math class.

Materials like pattern blocks and algebra tiles help students make sense of math. Psychologists believe that all students need to understand concepts at a concrete level before they move onto abstract ideas. Some materials inherently have math concepts connected to them and help students bridge their understanding of math concepts (sixth-graders may fill a box with 1-inch cubes as they learn about volume, and fourth graders may make fraction kits to help them understand fractional parts).