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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Math & Science – Math Homework

Today's math homework is different, and the amount may be different too. Today's teachers know that practice is still important, and students will continue to do that. However, we also know from research that students need activities and tasks that ask them to delve deeper into the concepts and content of mathematics. Because of this, there may be fewer problems assigned, but these problems will require students to think more deeply about math and make connections to math in their own lives.

You may also see fewer graded papers coming home. Teachers continue to use traditional paper and pencil tests as well as district and statewide tests to help them make decisions about instruction and assessment. However, teachers are also using tried and true methods of "kidwatching." Watching students while they work in pairs and alone provides teachers with valuable information about your child's progress. Students are asked to communicate their understanding in a variety of ways. They may be asked to keep a math journal and write about the math they are learning. For example, after learning a concept your child may be asked to write and describe how he would teach that concept to a younger child. Teachers can learn a great deal about a student's understanding this way.