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“Helping Your Child Learn”

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Parent tips from the Utah Education Association

Math and Science – Helping Your Student with Math
By Debra Rossi, M.Ed., sixth-grade teacher at David Gourley Elementary School, Salt Lake City

Math is a good way for a mind to develop. It is one of the best ways to start to see connections in an everyday environment. Because of this, math skills are critical to a child’s development.

Many parents are intimidated by math. Rest assured, your child’s teacher is working hard to make sure your student is learning the skills to do homework accurately. Spend time with your student reviewing math assignments. Studies show students retain more when they are teaching skills to someone else, so even if you don’t know how to do the math, your student is learning as he or she struggles to explain it to you!

Your students learn more than just basic math facts. They learn how to balance a checkbook, shop efficiently, manage finances and how to make wise decisions with money. And it is all called math.

When you work with your child regularly, you might even learn some more math yourself.