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2019 UEA Elections

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The following UEA offices will be subject to election in 2019.

  • President (Three-year term)
  • Vice President (Three-year term)
  • NEA-RA Delegate-At-Large (Three-year term
  • NEA-RA Successor Delegate-At-Large (Three-year term)
  • Alpine NEA-RA Successor Delegate** (Two-year term)
  • Color Country NEA-RA Successor Delegate** (One-year term)
  • Davis Director on the UEA Board of Directors (Three-year term)
  • Davis NEA-RA Successor Delegate (Three-year term)
  • Eastern NEA-RA Successor Delegate** (Two-year term)
  • Jordan Director on the UEA Board of Directors* (One-year term)
  • Jordan NEA-RA Successor Delegate** (One-year term)
  • Northern Director on the UEA Board of Directors (Three-year term)
  • Northern NEA-RA Successor Delegate (Three-year term)
  • Ogden-Weber Director on the UEA Board of Directors (Three-year term)
  • Ogden-Weber NEA-RA Successor Delegate (Three-year term)
  • Woodland Peaks Director on the UEA Board of Directors (Three-year term)
  • Woodland Peaks NEA-RA Successor Delegate (Three-year term)
* Vacated seat to fill unexpired term
** Position was unfilled in prior election

How to Declare Candidacy

Candidates may declare their intent to run for a UEA office beginning July 15 prior to the year of  elections. Declarations of Candidacy must have been received by the UEA Executive Director by 5 p.m., Wednesday, January 9, 2019. A valid declaration must include the following:

  • Declaration Form (PDF, Word)
  • A 250-word campaign statement (Statements will be published as submitted. Nothing over 250 words will be published.)
  • A color, digital picture or photograph of yourself
Completed declarations and accompanying materials may be submitted by:
  • email to UEA Executive Office (
  • fax to 801-265-2249 - Attn: Executive Director
  • Dropped off in person or mailed to:
The Utah Education Association
Attn: Executive Director
875 E. Pontiac Dr.
Murray, UT 84107
Please contact the UEA Executive Office if you have questions about filing a Declaration of Candidacy (801-417-0226 or