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Casting your ballot this
year is easier than ever!

Voting for the 2019 UEA General Election will be via SurveyMonkey, a well-known survey tool. The voting process should be easier than ever before.

On or around January 30 you’ll receive an email from SurveyMonkey sent on behalf of at the preferred email address in your membership record. The email will have the dates of the election and most importantly—a link to your ballot. Please check your SPAM filters to ensure you don’t miss the email.

To Vote:

  • Click the link;
  • Fill out your ballot;
  • Click the “Done” button;
  • A new screen will appear, thanking you for participating and confirming your ballot was submitted.

Opting In to SurveyMonkey:

If you've ever opted out of receiving emails from SurveyMonkey, you will not receive the election email with the link to your ballot unless you opt back in. The opt-in process is easy. Simply click here ( and enter your email address (the account at which you received this message). After you have voted, you may opt out again, however, we recommend you wait until after the General Election ends on April 11.

What should I do if I don’t get the email?

New Members:
If you joined the Association near or after the start of the election it’s possible your email address wasn’t yet entered into the membership database at the time the voting list was pulled. Please give our Membership department a call (info below).

Old or Incorrect Email Addresses:
The email for the election will be sent to the preferred email address we have on file. In some cases, that address may be one you no longer use. If you can access the account, do so and vote. Afterwards, make sure you update your preferred address with your local UniServ office. You must cast your ballot from the email address that was uploaded at the start of the election.

Opting Out:
Once you have submitted your ballot, you may unsubscribe or opt back out of SurveyMonkey. We recommend you do not opt out until after the General Election closes on April 11. A link to opt out is included at the bottom of the voting email from SurveyMonkey.

Spam Filters:
Because the email for the election is sent in bulk it’s possible for it to end up in your SPAM filter. We make every attempt to ensure the email is delivered to your inbox but if you don’t get the email please check your Junk Email box or SPAM box.

Sample Email:

This email is being sent on behalf of the UEA Elections Committee.

Dear UEA Member,

The 2019 UEA Election is now open and closes on Wednesday, February 20, at 5 p.m.  It only takes a few minutes to vote and let your voice be heard.

VOTE [The link to your ballot will appear here.]

VIEW candidate statements and videos at

If you have any questions or problems regarding the voting process, please call the UEA office at 801-266-4461 or 800-594-8996. 

Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February, 2019.

Thank you for your participation.

The UEA Elections Committee

Contacting the UEA:
If you have any questions or problems regarding the voting process, please call the UEA office at 801-266-4461 or 800-594-8996.