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Educator Day on the Hill

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    2019 UEA Educator Day on the Hill

    Teachers' voices are critical! Held each Friday during the 45-day Utah General Legislative Session, UEA Educator Day on the Hill gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to your lawmakers and share your voice. Join the UEA Legislative Team at the State Capitol on any of the following Fridays:

    • February 1
    • February 8
    • February 15
    • February 22
    • March 1
    • March 8
    NOTE: If you are planning to attend in 2019, remember to wear your #RedForEd!

    - View printable EDOH flier (pdf)
    - Map to EDOH Room at Capitol

    EDOH Plus

    EDOH Plus is a way to learn more about the legislative process and making a difference on Capitol Hill. EDOH Plus is held on Thursday evenings prior to Educator Day on the Hill, beginning with dinner at 6:30 p.m. The UEA Legislative Team provides an in-depth look at the legislative process and shares ways to persuasively speak with your legislators. Read more about EDOH Plus

    About UEA Educator Day on the Hill 

    UEA Educator Day on the Hill provides an opportunity to introduce lawmakers to some of the state’s excellent teachers and gives educators a deeper understanding of the political process. Legislators express the opinion that they know what UEA thinks, but want to hear from a ‘real’ teacher. Having teachers speak face to face with their legislators really does make a difference.

    UEA Educator Day on the Hill was initiated in 2009.

    Typical Agenda

    Legislative schedules are unpredictable and change often, but in general, each UEA Educator Day on the Hill proceeds as follows:

    • Meet with the UEA Legislative Team in the Copper Room, located on the first floor of the Senate building, for a briefing on specific bills and general tips about working with the legislature (view a map of the Utah State Capitol). The meeting begins at 7 a.m.
    • Attend a committee meeting or watch floor debates to see policymaking in action.
    • The Team will assist you in contacting legislators from your legislative district.
    • As a group, meet in the Copper Room again at noon to “de-brief” the morning’s activities. Lunch is provided.

    How to Participate

    If you are interested in participating in the UEA Educator Day on the Hill, have questions or need additional information, please contact your local leader and/or UniServ director.

    Resources for Those Attending