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What are Lawmakers Considering?
The Utah Legislature is in session January 28-March 14. What changes will there be for public education? What can you do about it? Get involved by following UEA Under the Dome, participating in Educator Day on the Hill (held each Friday during the session) and reviewing the UEA's 2019 legislative priorities...more

2019 UEA Elections
Heidi Matthews Renee Pinkney
Heidi Matthews Renee Pinkney

The UEA 2019 General Election closed on February 20 for the four statewide UEA offices and five UEA Board positions subject to election. In the race for UEA president, Heidi Matthews was elected to serve a second three-year term. Renee Pinkney was elected to a three-year term as vice president. Also elected were Danny McKenna as NEA-RA delegate-at-large and Chelsie Acosta as NEA-RA successor delegate-at-large...See the full election results

Superstars in Education Banquet May 17
UEA and doTERRA International will honor ten teachers with Excellence in Teaching awards during the KeyBank Superstars in Education banquet on May 17 at The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City. Also presented at the banquet are the 2019 UEA Honor Roll Awards, the Charles E. Bennett Human and Civil Rights Award and the Elaine Tzourtzouklis Service to Association Award. Nominations for these three awards are still open...view nomination information