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'Our Schools Now' Messaging for Teachers

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It’s important for you, as a teacher, to share how you could use additional funding to impact students in your own classroom. Here are some ideas of messages to share:

"We must invest in our schools now to provide Utah students the quality education they need to succeed in school and in life."

Supporting Messages:

  • RESOURCES AND EQUITY: All Utah students, regardless of their ZIP code, deserve the tools and time to learn.
  • TEACHER QUALITY: We must ensure every student has a caring, qualified, committed teacher.
  • SMART INVESTMENT: Local education investments improve student outcomes as well as grow the local economy.

Supporting Message Details:

  • All Utah students, regardless of their ZIP code, deserve the tools and time to learn.
    • If we are serious about every child’s future, we must focus on what works…this means resourcing all schools so kids can succeed.
    • Resourced and cared for public schools are our best bet for setting every student in Utah off toward a great future.
    • Despite the best efforts of teachers and administrators, Utah students are performing below their potential. Underfunded schools negatively impact students through increased class sizes, reduced program offerings, eliminated opportunities for staff training, lack of access to technology, out-of-date materials and funding inequities based on family income.
    • This initiative recognizes the collective responsibility to educate ALL Utah students and that some students require more supports and resources to have the same access and opportunities.
  • We must ensure every student has a caring, qualified, committed teacher.
    • Utah is facing a critical teacher shortage, which puts student learning at risk.
    • Nearly 50% of teachers now leave the profession within five years and fewer choose teaching as a career each year.
    • Not all communities have the capacity to increase compensation for their teachers and we are left with enormous disparities.
    • We must ensure that every educator has the resources, mentoring and support every professional needs.
    • We need to create learning environments with class sizes that enable teachers to connect one-on-one with each student.
  • Smart education investments not only improve student outcomes, they grow the local economy.
    • Direct funding to local elementary, middle/junior high, and high schools allows flexibility to invest in proven drivers of student success such as class sizes that allow for one-on-one instruction, technology, teacher recruitment and retention, early learning and specialized instruction.
    • Targeted local education investments improve measurable outcomes like student test scores and graduation rates. These investments also impact difficult to measure factors like love of learning, creativity and critical thinking skills.
    • Utah’s per-student education funding ranks dead last in the nation. Decades of tax cutting have left Utah’s overall taxes at a multi-decade low, but it has also cut $1.2 billion per year from our students, putting them at risk.
    • A top reason businesses give for choosing one city over another is education. Class size and per-pupil spending are the two most important factors businesses use in rating a public school system.
    • Utahns overwhelmingly support a greater investment in neighborhood public schools, investments which return directly to local communities.