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2017 Legislative Summary
The 2017 Utah Legislature gave a 4 percent increase to the WPU, ended teacher licensing fees, provided full funding of new student growth, improved the turnaround school law and will require school districts to address abusive conduct toward school employees by students and parents...see the summary

UEA General Election Results
Mike Harmon In the race for NEA State Director, Salt Lake City School Disctict Homeless Education Liaison Mike Harman was elected to serve a three-year term. Also elected was Morgan School District teacher Denise Lake as UEA Ethnic Minority Director on the UEA Board of Directors. more

'Our Schools Now' Aims to Raise $ for Education
UEA President Heidi Matthews and Executive Director Lisa Nentl-Bloom are among a group of prominent business and community leaders spearheading a ballot initiative designed to increase revenue for public education and improve student performance. Learn more and add your name to the list of supporters...more

Educators Taking the Lead
The Educators Taking the Lead initiative promotes UEA members as leaders in all areas of their profession, including: evaluations, instructional quality, bargaining, advocacy and education policy…more