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Friday, Oct. 21 - New Educator Workshop

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For Students in Teacher Preparation Programs and

Educators in Their Early Years of Teaching

A Special Event at the UEA Convention

FREE to Education Students and UEA Members

WORKSHOPS 8:30-9:45 A.M.
Room Event Presenter(s) Description Level Category
400 Problem-Based Learning and Instruction Tony Pellegrini Problem based learning is an instructional method that provides opportunities to practice and acquire problem solving skills needed in the 21st century. Learn a four step process to implement problem-based learning. All Grades Quality Teaching
300 C&D Fantastic Assessments using Digital Games, Drawings & Contests Rob Bentley Learn how you can use formative evaluation tools like ClassFlow, Formative, Kahoot!, Socrative, Plickers, Quizizz and Nearpod to inject excitement and fun into your class and see what your students know and understand. Grades 4-12 Technology
300 A&B Engaging All Your Learners in Rich Math Experiences David A. Smith Learn how to immerse students in rich math tasks with low floors and high ceilings. Discover resources for matching tasks with your curriculum and embedding them in your lessons. This is a hands-on workshop. Not only will you do math, you will enjoy it! Elementary Math
200D Bully Free Starts With Me Tim Bell,
Chris Godfrey,
Learn how to identify at-risk students and effective strategies and techniques for dealing with bullying situations. Engage in open dialogue on the effects and realities of bullying in school and become an advocate for students feeling bullied in their schools. All Grades Educator Resources
200C Google for Educators Michael Hakkarine Increase student communication and critical thinking skills by incorporating Google tools into educational projects. In addition to modeling experiential learning, the course will guide you through Google Advanced Search, Docs, Calendar, Groups, Video & more. All Grades Technology
200B PBS LearningMedia – FREE Digital Resources for Your Classroom Elise Peterson Learn how PBS LearningMedia’s over 100,000 digital resources can support teaching and personalize learning. Learn to search for and download standards-aligned premium content, save and share your favorite resources and create media-rich lessons. All Grades Technology
WORKSHOPS 11:15 A.M. – 12:30 P.M
Room Event Presenter(s) Description Level Category
400 STEM and Project-Based Learning in the Classroom Kristi Kimble,
Erika Bradshaw
Gain useful tips and ideas on how to engage your students in all disciplines using STEM and Project Based Learning.  You will participate in hands on activities and leave with ideas you can use in your own classroom. Grades 4-12  STEM, ELA
300 C&D Teaching and Learning with iPads Rob Bentley iPads are a powerful tool for engaging students in curriculum-related tasks. This workshop is designed to help educators effectively integrate this technology into a project-based educational framework. All Grades   Technology
300 A&B Shake it Up! Engaging Math Strategies for Younger Grades  Allison Riddle Experience math games using an inexpensive, accessible “shaker” for common six-sided dice to differentiate instruction and get students moving. Learn math games for subitizing, counting and comparing, addition patterns, multiplication, place value and fractions. Journal writing and assessment ideas shared. Grades K-3  Math
200D Hearing Our Quiet Kids: Classroom Discussionand Silent Students Curtis Benjamin Learn methods to hear your quiet students and strategies to emphasize the important role discussion and deliberation play for student learning in a democratic society. Practice how to better understand and mitigate the student silences encountered in your classroom discussions. Secondary  Quality Teaching
200C Mindfulness in the Classroom and Meditation for Student Learning Cindy Formeller Many students experience stress that hinders their ability to be present in the classroom. Learn to help them focus on the breath, become aware of emotions and physical tension, bring their attention to the present moment and focus on the tasks at hand. This can be useful in your class- room, school and personal life. All Grades   Quality Teaching
200B Generation Debt: Student Loan Forgiveness Sean Mabey Learn how teachers in high impact schools can get some of their Stafford and Perkins loans forgiven. We’ll also discuss Public Service Loan Forgiveness as well as process and evaluate the best options for participants. (Doesn’t apply to those who consolidated their loans with a private bank.) All Grades  Educator Resources
200A School Community Councils: Teachers Matter Kristi Swett, Nancy Kennedy, Mary Nielson, Nancy Tingey Teachers will learn how to be a powerful resource and magnify their position to contribute to a highly functioning community council that utilizes their expertise and professionalism to benefit their school, students and community. All Grades  Quality Teaching
WORKSHOPS 1 - 2:15 P.M
Room Event Presenter(s) Description Level Category
300 C&D Special Event:
Early Engagement in Education Policy and Professional License
Heidi Matthews,
Marie Hutchings,
Education Panelists
Many policies affecting your license, classroom & students are determined at the state and local level. This interactive panel discussion will share experience in the politics of the profession & best practices for engagement in public policy so you can be an advocate for your students & your profession. All Grades  Special Event
300 A&B Spanning Subjects with Environmental Education Carolyn Bollwerk,
Will Bollwerk
Learn to implement environmental education into any subject area through hands-on, inquiry-based lessons. You will be introduced to the award winning curricula of Project Learning Tree, Project WET and Project WILD as tools to enhance any lesson plan. Pre K-8 / All Subjects
200D Engaging Your Classroom Through Games Diana Gettman Flores Games can help students in development of critical thinking, planning and organization. Learn games that reach various learning styles: visual/spatial, linguistic, mathematical/logical, verbal, aural, social & solitary. Play various games to find what fits for your class. Elementary  Quality Teaching
200C Teaching Digital Citizenship Michael Hakkarinen Learn what digital citizenship is, how to teach responsible digital citizenship and how to talk with students about cyberbullying and other potential pitfalls of social media. Participants will learn how to model digital citizenship and develop tools and lessons to use with students of all ages. All Grades  Technology
200B Play With a Purpose: Leverage Recess to Support PBIS Ben Cromwell Learn structures and scaffolds to support positive behavior on the playground and the impact it has on the school climate. Data will be shared showing how the program results in reductions in ODR’s and incidents of bullying and increases in academic engagement. Grades 4-6  Quality Teaching
200A Quick Student Engagement: Ideas for Busy Teachers Russ Johnson This research-based interactive session provides creative tips, techniques and methods to accelerate learning, motivate learners and rejuvenate students. Secondary  Quality Teaching

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