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UEA Educators Taking the Lead FAQ

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Q: What is the Educators Taking the Lead (ETTL) initiative?

A: The Educators Taking the Lead initiative promotes UEA members as leaders in all areas of their profession, including instructional quality, evaluation, advocacy, bargaining and education policy.

Q: What is ETTL currently doing on evaluations?

A: Because Utah educators will soon be required to navigate new evaluation requirements, the UEA and its local affiliates have focused their efforts to make sure teachers have the resources they need to be successful when the new evaluation framework goes into effect in 2015-16. The goal is to help teachers use new teaching standards to improve their effectiveness and instructional quality and to become proficient in implementing new student growth measures.

Q: How will this initiative help classroom teachers?

A: Educators are anxious about what the evaluation changes will mean for them, what changes are coming and when, and what the higher expectations are for teachers. This initiative will help answer these questions and provide each participating educator with tools and training to navigate the new evaluation system. When teachers work together to improve instruction, they elevate their profession.

Q: How do teachers participate?

A: The UEA’s commitment is to provide training, materials, information, etc., to local associations in each school district. Each local association will develop its own plan for how to use the available resources to support the unique needs of educators in each area. Contact your local association for dates and details.

Q: Who can participate in the evaluations training?

A: The training and resources developed under this initiative will be available only to educators who choose to contribute toward this work by joining their professional association, the UEA. During the 2013 legislative session the State Office of Education requested $450,000 to implement requirements of the new evaluation framework and train teachers. It was not funded. Where the legislature committed nothing, the NEA, UEA and local associations are committing more than $400,000 to support this training. The training and resources are paid for by, and available to, educators who belong to their professional association. Any licensed educator is welcome to participate by becoming a member of their local UEA affiliate.

Q: Will this initiative conflict with training provided by school districts?

A: Districts are facing an incredibly difficult task to find the resources to implement the new evaluation requirements. The idea is not to duplicate but to supplement training provided by school districts.

Q: Where can I learn more?

A: For additional information, contact your local association or see the UEA Evaluations website.