Education Tips for Parents

Ask a parent what they think is the most important factor in school success and they are likely to say ‘a good teacher.’ Ask a teacher the same question and they will probably say school success depends on parental involvement.

While many factors contribute to a child’s success in school, research shows parental involvement is one of the most significant. Because of the critical role both parents and teachers play in a child’s education, we have asked a few of Utah’s most experienced school teachers to share tips on how parents can support the efforts of teachers in the classroom.

By working together, parents and teachers can help children learn and make each child’s educational experience the very best it can be.


"Helping Your Child Learn"
Parent Tips from the Utah Education Association

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Ready to Learn

First Day

Giving Feedback

Well Rested – Beverlee Simpson

Meeting Teachers

Study Time

Attendance, Tardies and Communication – Kathy Christiansen

Reading and Writing

Pre-Readers – Denise Ulrich

Be a Reading Example – Beverlee Simpson

Raising Readers – Kathy Christiansen

Developing Readers – Denise Ulrich

Take the Time to Talk – Kathy Christiansen

Helping Young Readers

Make Reading a Habit

Building a Solid Reading Foundation

Reading to Develop Thinking Skills – Kathy Christiansen

Teaching Children to Understand Content

Practice Key to Reading Success – Kathy Christiansen

Be an Example – Kathy Christiansen

Encourage Writing at Home – Kathy Christiansen

Good Writing Takes Practice – Beverlee Simpson

Connect Reading and Writing

Math and Science

A Different Kind of Math

Studying Math and Working in Groups

Helping Your Student with Math – Debra Rossi

Math Homework

Becoming “Scientifically Literate”

Foster Your Child’s Natural Curiosity


Achievement Tests

Asking Questions

“High-Stakes” Tests

Helping Your Child

A  More Complete Picture

Parent Teacher Partnerships

Be Involved as School Begins – Dessie Olson

Improving Student Achievement

Showing Your Child You Value Education

Be Involved During the School Year – Dessie Olson

Homework – Kathy Christiansen

Partners, Part I

Partners, Part II

Contacting a Teacher – Debra Rossi

Managing the Paper

Good, Better, Best

Managing Homework – Beverlee Simpson

How to Make Parent-Teacher Conferences Work for Your Child

Getting Ready for a Parent-Teacher Conference, Part I

Getting Ready for a Parent-Teacher Conference, Part II

The Parent-Teacher Conference, Part I

The Parent-Teacher Conference, Part II


Using Technology to Get Involved – Debra Rossi

Children and Television


Thinking Past High School

A Room with Many Doors – Susan Anderson

Be Ready for the Next Step – Beverlee A. Simpson

Safe at School

School Safety

Talking to Children after a Tragedy