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Renee Pinkney, Eastern Utah UniServ

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Renee was appointed to fill the unexpired term representing Eastern Utah UniServ on the UEA Board of Directors beginning October 2016 and was elected to a one-year term beginning July 15, 2017 and reelected to a three-year term beginning July 15, 2018. The Eastern Utah UniServ covers Daggett, Duchesne, Morgan, North Summit, Park City, South Summit, Uintah and Wasatch School Districts, and the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.


  • Social studies teacher at Park City High School
  • 22 years teaching experience

Association Leadership Experience

  • AR for three years at Park City High School
  • Served as Co-president of the Park City Education Association for three years
  • Has served on the UEA Political Action Committee (UEA-PAC)


What I learned about the UEA that surprised me:

My first NEA-RA was a profound experience. I had no idea the NEA and affiliates were civil rights organization. This information sealed the deal for me as far as my involvement. I love the RA experience. Democracy in action is what it is all about. I saw this at the HOD as well. If individuals are not willing to get involved then we don't have an organization.

As far as UEA, I've learned that the organization mirrors our government system. Locals report to UEA, who then reports to NEA. There are dedicated individuals on staff and dedicated association members. The most tangible lesson is UEA is not a abstract entity. There is a building, real people working extremely hard every day.

What I value most about the Association:

The feeling of camaraderie and unity. We are doing something that is greater than ourselves, making education better for all stakeholders, especially students.

How members might begin to be more active in the Association:

I really believe active engagement is based on timing. As a teacher becomes seasoned and master their craft, then they have the opportunity to engage in association work. Teaching involves a steep learning curve. Asking teachers to serve on a committee as an association representative, get their foot in the door, seems to be the best method of getting teachers involved. Once you are involved it is hard to become uninvolved.

Professional Development Reports:

2017 NEA Women and Minority Leadership Training (Dec. 8-10)